Words From Our Alumni


“My experience at Roundtable was incredibly rewarding. I met some amazing people, got the space and time to focus on my practice and felt encouraged and inspired by the participating artists, curators and administrators alike. During my residency I got to work on a series of Pattern prints, a meditative yet somewhat tedious process of transferring and collaging photographic laser printed material. I ended up showing 5 prints at the Versus show and received great feedback. Since completing the residency I did my first solo show titled Transferwhich featured most of the prints I worked on during Versus as well as some newer work. Thanks to Roundtable, I've received some inquiries regarding my work and I am happy to say some of the patterns have found themselves in new and loving homes. At the moment I am doing some research for an upcoming film project in the Middle East as well as actively collecting new material for future collages. I am participating in some upcoming projects in Toronto in the summer and prepping for a collaborative installation with Shannon Garden-Smith (Roundtable alumni)  which will be exhibited at TRUCK in Calgary this coming Fall.”


     ///// If you were a sandwich what kind of sandwich would you be?

                       “Feeling the middle eastern vibe right now. I am definitely a falafel sandwich.”


- Polina Teif

“Roundtable was an invaluable opportunity for helping me get back into an art practice, and to have the space, time, and focus to make new work. Everyone involved was so supportive and open; the environment really fostered open exploration and development. It was also a great chance to build community while developing my own work.

During the residency I worked in an open-ended way, creating photographs that furthered my explorations on the themes of queerness, trans-ness and fat-ness and the embodied experience of these states of being, while also exploring other, newer avenues of interest. Some of the work I created at Roundtable won second place in BlackFlash magazine's Optic Nerve image contest, and was featured in its Winter issue (Issue 33-1, 2016, http://blackflash.ca/) (see attached images). With the constant struggles of trying to make a living while trying to make art or have a practice, my time at Roundtable gave me a little kickstart, and helped generate ideas for future directions for my work. While I am still working to figure out how to balance making art and making a living (time-, money-, space-wise), Roundtable was invaluable in providing space, time, and an environment that values and validates art work (creativity + labour) and building a supportive arts community.”


       ///// if you were a sandwich what kind of sandwich would you be?

“I would be a veggie–dill-and-garlic-cream-cheese gluten-free–bagel sandwich from Almond Butterfly, cuz they're effin' delicious!! (And I am not gluten-free!)”


- Sol Legault