Wei Qi

August 16, 2017


What name do you go by, and what kind of artist are you?

  1. My name is Wei Qi. I am @ottersunday.

  2. I paint.

  3. I also write, take photographs, and make installations.

  4. My work is about femininity, tension, narrative, and memory.

  5. I like to work with pink, grey, green, and blue.


Describe your artistic process or practice with three to five words

  1. Both

  2. Soft

  3. And

  4. Callous


Who are some visual art influences that impact your craft?

  1. Painters: Michaël Borremans, Alexander Tinei, Natalie Reis, Hope Gangloff

  2. Photographers: Ren Hang, Juergen Teller, Jacynthe Carrier

  3. Sculptors/Installation artists: Eva Hesse, Tracey Emin, Yayoi Kusama

  4. Fashion designers: Alexander McQueen, Issey Miyake, Hussein Chalayan

  5. Filmmakers: Lars von Trier, Darren Aronofsky


Who / what are some non-visual art influences that impact your craft?

  1. Poetry (my favourite poem right now is “Alone With Everybody” by Charles Bukowski)

  2. Dance (ballet and contemporary)

  3. Fiction (Mordecai Richler, Hermann Hesse, Miriam Toews)

  4. Plants

  5. My pals


What are some habits you cultivate to get you into the work groove?

  1. Write or draw in my sketchbook(s)

  2. Listen to music (current studio playlist is mostly Elliot Moss, Leisure, and The Weeknd)

  3. Eat snacks (lots of fruits yum yum)

  4. Read articles/books/magazines (but mostly look at the pictures in them)

  5. Make lists (like this one)


If you could see one piece of art right now, which one would it be?

  1. “Rapture” by Camille Norment (56th Venice Biennale, Nordic Pavilion)


Describe your residency experience so far.

  1. My experience in the Roundtable Residency has been wonderful.

  2. I try to go to the studio everyday. Sometimes I don’t end up painting or making anything good, but what’s important to me  is just being in the space and observing and absorbing. I make lists to stay on track, but it’s also okay if I don’t -- maybe since it is the summer after all.

  3. I work with oil paint so it is great to work in a room with big windows for ventilation and lots of natural light.

  4. I am inspired by my fellow artists-in-residence and their wide variety of practices. I love seeing works in progress and wondering what will come next.  

  5. Dear facilitators: you guys are real angels! Thank you for taking care of us and making sure all is well.


Talk about what you’ve been working on these past few weeks?

  1. I have been mostly painting.

  2. Thinking about and planning installations, but not necessarily building them.

  3. I always work in my sketchbook, but I don’t always show what I work on.

  4. Writing.

  5. I got a film camera recently so I have been taking photographs.



Beverage of choice while working.

  1. Water


Where will we find your work on opening night?

  1. 1st floor

  2. 2nd floor (the room I worked in during the residency)


Draw a representation of what you look like while you’re working.






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