Sam Roberts

August 15, 2017

What name do you go by, and what kind of artist are you?

My name is Sam Roberts and I’m a multidisciplinary artist. I work with whatever makes sense to me at the time, but that means usually machines, software or paintings.


Describe your artistic process or practice with three to five words 

My clever system that I call “the 4 “Cs”; Comedy, Conceptual, Careless, Computers


Who are some visual art influences that impact your craft?

Duchamp, Jeremy Bailey, Jayson Musson, Ian Cheng, Sigmar Polke, Gutai Group, Simone Jones, Jillian Kay Ross, Winnie Truong, Scott Waters, Zoe Quinn, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Devin Troy Strothers.


Who / what are some non-visual art influences that impact your craft?

Videogames, Twitter, Politics, and making a lot of mistakes.
What are some habits you cultivate to get you into the work groove?

Hours of staring at the ceiling and getting anxious about the looming apocalypse.

If you could see one piece of art right now, which one would it be?

Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel cracks me up every time I see it.


Describe your residency experience so far.

It’s been great having somewhere to go. Even if when I get there I don’t do anything that day, it’s been extremely valuable to go and use as a dedicated thinking space. The other residents have been great to work with and talk to. The opportunity to work on a one-off has been fun too, instead of a long multi-month project.


Talk a bit about what you’ve been working on the last few weeks?

I’ve been working on a Virtual Reality simulator that simulates taking care of a cat. The cat doesn’t respond much, but will whine when it gets “hungry”. I wanted to make the least rewarding virtual experience ever, but one that you also feel emotionally obligated to take care of. If you don’t feel emotionally obligated and only interact with it to get the cat to stop meowing, that’s good too.


Beverage of choice while working

Coffee during the day, cheap whiskey at night.


Where will we find your work on opening night? 

-> On a phone on a shelf <-


Draw a representation of what you look like while you’re working.





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