Hannah Epstein

August 17, 2017

What name do you go by, and what kind of artist are you?


Hannah Epstein, cuz it’s the name my parents gave me. I sometimes use ‘hanski’ cuz it’s cooler.

I’m a wannabe sell-out type of artist.


Describe your artistic process or practice with three to five words 


Dark Cartoon Magik.


Who are some visual art influences that impact your craft?

All the roadside attraction artists.


Who / what are some non-visual art influences that impact your craft?


Conversations (actual ones, not the kind that two paintings might have).


What are some habits you cultivate to get you into the work groove?

The internal voice of a maniacal army drill sergeant.


If you could see one piece of art right now, which one would it be?


The original cave paintings as they were being painted.


Describe your residency experience so far.


Super chill and productive.


Talk a bit about what you’ve been working on the last few weeks?


I’ve been experimenting with soft and tactile interactive digital experiences.


Beverage of choice while working


Ice coffee.


Where will we find your work on opening night? 


In ‘The Cave’, which is the very back classroom on the first floor.


Draw a representation of what you look like while you’re working.





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