Blair Swann

August 17, 2017

What name do you go by, and what kind of artist are you?

My name is blair swann - i find images and work alongside them.


Describe your artistic process or practice with three to five words.  

Looking at something looking back.


Who are some visual art influences that impact your craft?

Anne Truitt, Barbara Hepworth, John Chamberlain, Leslie Hewitt, Anne Collier, Jimmy Robert


Who / what are some non-visual art influences that impact your craft?

Finding things people throw away is major – Value Village-type places are vaults of influence. Wong Kar Wai. Valentino. Frank o Hara. Listening to music in the studio influences titles of some pieces sometimes. also: meditating focuses the work a lot.


What are some habits you cultivate to get you into the work groove?

Listening to music, reading poetry, looking at exhibitions online that i can’t see in person, meditating, taking walks, people watching, drinking coffee, talking with others, allowing myself courage to maybe ruin something, also the ability to stop my own thinking is important


If you could see one piece of art right now, which one would it be?

Maybe the Rothko chapel or Dia: beacon. something grand.


Describe your residency experience so far. 

When i was a kid we heard rumours of there being gold in the river. At the park there was a shallow area we decided to dredge through with homemade pans made from broken screen doors. we learned about gold-panning in school and had been shown how you do it in a sink with rocks. yYu have to overturn the bigger ones by hand. when you spend enough time looking for something like that, it almost doesn’t matter what you find.


Talk a bit about what you’ve been working on the last few weeks?

I’ve been working with my archive of found images and objects from the school, making collages and sculptures. playing with the way we look at things, and the way images and objects can express themselves.


Beverage of choice while working. 

coffee forever


Where will we find your work on opening night?

-> I’m making an installation on the third floor library and having the work play with elements in that room.<-


Draw a representation of what you look like while you’re working.



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