"From its inception in 2000, Dragon Academy reached beyond the classroom. Fostering affiliations with arts, academic and research institutions, hosting guest teachers and practitioners are a key part of our educational vision.  When Morris Fox and Brandon Dalmer, artists whose work we greatly respect, and who have contributed workshops and teaching to the school, approached us with a request to host the Roundtable Residency, we were eager to support them.  We have been honoured to offer some 6000 square feet of space in the heart of the city during the time of year when we are not conducting classes, without charge to Roundtable.  Not only does our support enable a remarkable group of emerging artists access to studio and exhibition space,  exchanging ideas and sharing their practice, but Roundtable gives back to us, exposing our community to innovative artworks, talks and panels on artistic practice and philosophy, an opportunity to experience the future of Canadian art as it emerges.  With each succeeding year, Roundtable Residency has only grown more important, to us, to the participating artists, and to the community."

- Dr. Meg Fox

Dragon Academy


Dr. Meg Fox is the founder and current principal of The Dragon Academy, a small, progressive, independent academic high school for university-bound students.  Inspired initially out of  her special interest in the gifted adolescent, Dr. Fox brought her experience as a parent, grandparent and educator in the public, private and university systems to her creation of the school. She has lectured for learned societies, the University of Toronto, and York University, and has held the posts of Head of English and of Vice-Principal at another Toronto private school. In 1986, Dr. Fox received her PhD in English Literature from the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies. Her dissertation, on Political and Social Models in the Works of Philip Sidney, continues to inform her special scholarly interests in Renaissance literature, history and political science. Dr. Fox has also pursued academic work in pedagogy and philosophy as well as fine arts. She has lobbied for the legalisation of midwifery in Ontario, and taken part in numerous amateur and professional theatrical productions. She is a published poet and short-story writer, and the author of ten novels. She also sings Gershwin, and accompanies herself on the piano. Many of the happiest hours of her life have been spent in the world’s great museums.