The Roundtable Residency is seeking artists and other creative practitioners to take part in its 2019 Residency program.


Roundtable is a six week long peer-mentored and self-directed experimental artist residency program, with an emphasis on emerging artists. Hosted at The Dragon Academy in Toronto, the primary goal of the residency is to assist artists in the development of their practice, and to facilitate collaborations among artists and other practitioners with disparate methodologies and experiences. To this end the residency provides workspace at no cost; critiques and constructive feedback from members of the arts community in Toronto; workshops and other skill / community-building events; and unique peer-to-peer mentorship opportunities.


Selected artists will work both individually and collaboratively to develop distinct, well-rounded artistic works and projects throughout the course of the program; engaging with this years theme in the way most befitting their own practice. This will culminate in a final exhibition of finished works and works-in-progress in the residency space, marked by a lively opening reception.


Roundtable embraces the experimental nature of peer-to-peer mentoring and knowledge sharing, and the possibilities of chance occurrences that happen when new voices get together. Artists are encouraged to be ambitious, to work experimentally and collaboratively, and to connect with the other participants of The Roundtable Residency and broader arts community through workshops, critiques, discussion groups and public exhibition. This is an open call to artists, writers, and all other creative individuals that wish to explore the 2019 residency theme.




2019 will be the inaugural year for Roundtable’s Online Residency. Running concurrently with the physical residency, we will also be creating a dedicated online space which our online residents will use as a platform for experimentation and the creation and exhibition of New Media work of all kinds, including digital, audio, video and web art. The online residency is also open to those whose work may fall outside of the visual arts, but who are seeking to expand their practices. While not receiving physical studio space, online residents will be included in all Roundtable events, including artist talks, workshops and critiques, and will be given a dedicated space in the venue to showcase their work during the 2019 exhibition. All work created as part of the online residency will also remain online and accessible to the public after the 2019 residency season ends.


Our hope with this new addition to our programming is to further our commitment to providing a venue to practitioners of all kinds, including those whose work does not fall within the confines of a traditional studio practice. We are also seeking to create unique opportunities for cross-collaboration and peer-to-peer mentoring amongst artists whose methods of production and exhibition rarely have the chance to overlap.


While we are putting out a single call for both the Studio and Online residency streams, applicants are asked to identify which of the two they prefer to take part in, or if they are open to the possibility of either.



  • Emerging artists or other creative practitioners residing in the Greater Toronto Area, or wanting to for the months of July and August 2019

  • Those looking for a studio / online space in the summer months to work on and develop a project

  • Those who enjoy feedback from their peers and wish to collaborate with artists and other creatives in varying disciplines

(Please Note: The Roundtable Residency does not provide housing for residents, but can help facilitate the participating artist in securing it.)




The theme for the 2019 Residency program is RESISTANCE. Proposals should somehow engage with this theme, in the context of your own practice or research.


Resistance can be practiced and embodied in many ways and on many fronts, from mass movements to internal rebellions. It is as vital to social / political / economic / historical justice as it is to the traditions of artmaking, the systems of the academy, and the endless chain of exchanges of the everyday world. It plays out in families, nations and classrooms; in bodies, markets, relationships and mediums. It can be at the same time ideology and methodology; personal practice and public exhibition. What are the role(s) of Resistance in your own work or practice, or in the systems / traditions / communities / people that it draws from?




To apply to be a 2019 Roundtable Resident, please submit the following via email to with the subject line ‘2019 Call for Residents’


1) A single PDF containing the following:

- A brief (500 word) Letter of Intent, describing what you hope to work on / achieve during the residency, how you will engage with the 2019 theme of 'Resistance,' why you think Roundtable in particular would be a valuable experience to you, and a rough idea of your availability during the dates of the residency (July 5th - August 18th). Please also indicate whether you prefer to take part in the Studio or Online stream of the 2019 residency, or if you are open to either possibility.


- A brief Artist Statement / Bio (maximum 1 page)


- A current CV (maximum 3 pages)


- A list of your Support Material, including the title and date of each piece, as well as a brief (1 or 2 sentence) description or contextualizing statement.

2) A single attached folder containing up to 10 examples of your recent work:

- For images, please submit in the form of JPEGs no larger than 1600x1600 pixels.


- For video, audio or web art, please include a link in your Support Material list.


- For other forms of work not included above, please use the most appropriate Mac compatible format for the medium. If you have any questions about the best way to submit, please contact us at the email above.

Applications are due by midnight on April 14th, 2019.