The Roundtable Residency is a six week long peer-mentored and self-directed experimental artist residency program, with an emphasis on emerging artists. It's hosted at The Dragon Academy in Toronto, which generously donates the space to us and our Residents each summer. The primary goal of the residency is to assist artists in the development of their practice, and to facilitate collaborations among artists and other practitioners with disparate methodologies and experiences. To this end the residency provides workspace at no cost; critiques and constructive feedback from members of the arts community in Toronto; workshops and other skill/community-building events; and unique peer-to-peer mentorship opportunities.


Each year selected artists work both individually and collaboratively to develop distinct, well-rounded artistic works and projects throughout the course of the program; engaging with that years theme in the way most befitting their own practice. This culminates in a final three-day exhibition of finished works and works-in-progress in the residency space, marked by a lively opening reception.


Roundtable embraces the experimental nature of peer-to-peer mentoring and knowledge sharing, and the possibilities of chance occurrences that happen when new voices get together. Artists are encouraged to be ambitious, to work experimentally and collaboratively, and to connect with the other participants of The Roundtable Residency and broader arts community through workshops, critiques, discussion groups and public exhibition. The outcomes of these activities are open to the public, in the hope of furthering artistic discourse and creating new avenues of exposure for emerging practitioners.


For more information about getting involved with Roundtable, or for how to apply to be a Resident, please see the Calls + News section below or Contact us directly.


Our 2020 Remote Residency has come to a close, and we're very excited to share the work / research done by our incredible 2020 Residents! Their work will be exhibited online here until the end of August 2021, with several of the works continuing to be updated over the course of the year, so remember to keep checking back.

2020  //  GAP YEAR
Evelyn Austin     +     Kevin Brophy     +     Kristi Chen     +     Gabby Coates & Skylar Eyre     +     Emergensies Collective
Kayla Drzewicki     +     Andrew Finlay Stewart     +     Angela Glanzmann     +     Nicole Ji Soo Kim     +     Tee Kundu
Luke Maddaford     +     Laura Ohio     +     Philip Leonard Ocampo     +     Kitt Peacock 


Our 2020 Online Space is now live! Visit the Main Hub to get access to all of our 2020 Programming, all of which is on the theme of Gap Year. This includes our Gap Year Blog, which will continue throughout the end of 2020. You can also check out our Instagram to see showcases of the work of our 2020 Remote Residents.


Current Board / Director:

Sam Roberts – Board Member


Sam Roberts is an artist and writer living and working in the downtown area. His work often critiques institutional systems by using comedy and failure to expose the massive holes in the operation of those institutions.


Roberts’ graduated from OCAD University in 2016 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting and a minor in Integrated Media. In his artwork he generally uses painting, installation, projection, and interactive programming. In his writing, he often uses words.

Maximilian Suillerot – Board Member


Maximilian Suillerot is a queer multi-media artist holding French and Mexican nationalities, currently living and working in Toronto. Born and raised in Mexico City, Maximilian began their artistic training in Paris (France) at Les ARCADES. They continued their studies at the University of Toronto where they obtained a B.A (Hons) specializing in Visual Art Studies.


In their practice, Maximilian plays with concepts that encompass the duality of presence and absence in queer settings. They are concerned with psychological processes, as well as the limits of intimacy. The notion of memory is questioned and put to the test. Grief and fiction meld with aspects of personal narrative to reveal a comical discomfort and rituals are created as coping mechanisms to deal with life. Throughout their work, the reality of uncertainty is exposed, and all of its consequences are accepted.

Theresa Wang – Board Member


Theresa Wang is a curator, writer, and researcher. Her interdisciplinary work bridges theory and practice across moving image, new media, and text. She is interested in relationality and mutability, semantic rearrangements, and destabilizing systems of power. Her writing has appeared in publications including C Magazine, ArtAsiaPacific, and Comparative Media Arts Journal. She is currently Assistant Curator at Oakville Galleries.

Richard Williams – Director


Richard Williams is a contemporary, New Media artist operating out of Toronto. His practice is centred around Global Capitalism, looking specifically at themes such as precarity, Neoliberal ideology, capitalist intersections with information technology, and the evolving ways in which time and place are understood in a globalized world. His work often takes on the form of active processes, making use of existing infrastructures to either expand or frustrate viewers' understandings of the systems they interact with. Drawing heavily upon contemporary theory as the backbone to his work, he makes use of both digital and physical systems with a focus in conceptually driven web art and site-dependent installation.

More recently, he has begun to expand his practice to include works which address his own experiences with economic precarity.

Special Thanks:

Morris Fox – Co-Founder

Brandon Dalmer – Co-Founder

Dr. Meg Fox – Board Member (and much more)


Since its founding in 2013, Roundtable has hosted over 150 artists and other creatives in our annual summer residency program. Below is a list of Roundtable alumni for each year, along with the theme of that years residency. You can also click here to see the work of our 2019 Online Residents, or here to see the current exhibition of our 2020 Residents.

2013  //  PASSAGES
Aaron Robert Duarte     +     Ali Christensen     +     Brandon A. Dalmer     +     Brian Schirk     +     Cameron Stott     +     David Hanes
Felix Kalmenson     +     Hugh Mater     +     Jessica Vallentin     +     Matthew Tanner     +     Mikki Benaglia     +     Morris Fox
Rebecca Noone     +     Sebastian Koever     +     Shannon Garden-Smith     +     Sona Safaei-Sooreh     +     Tyler Vipond     +     Yang Cao

2014  //  DIALOGUE

Neil LaPierre     +     Humboldt Magnussen     +     Ash Moniz     +     Brandon A. Dalmer     +     Erin Rei     +     Jesi the Elder

Abbe Findley     +     Mohammad Rezaei     +     Julia Kansas     +     Lisa Folkerson     +     Lauren Pelc-McArthur     +     Natalie Logan

Anni Spadafora     +     Morris Fox     +     Laura Hudspith     +     Tyler Vipond     +     Tobias Williams     +     Brianna Lowe     +     Iris Fraser

Anna May Henry     +     Rebecca Noone     +     Zoe Alexis-Abrams     +     Bridget Moser     +     Andrew Zukerman     +     Sara Maston

Gabriel Parniak     +     Nick Silvani     +     Nicholas Zirk     +     Zeesy Powers     +     Randy Gagne     +     Dana Buzzee     +     Alvin Luong

Ivana Dizdar     +     Jack Bride     +     Holly Timpener     +     Andi Clifford     +     Sebastian Koever     +     Melina Sevilla     +     Sam Abel

Ursula Handleigh     +     Lukus Toane     +     Heather Weston     +     Juliane Foronda     +     Shannon Garden-Smith     +     Shannon Linde

Emily Smit-Dicks     +     Jennifer Laiwint     +     Heather Rappard

2015  //  VERSUS
Robin Clason     +     Connor Crawford     +     Zoe Downie-Ross     +     Miles Forrester     +     Halloway Jones     +     Kunsang Kyirong
Sol Legault     +     Nadine Maher     +     Adria Mirabelli     +     Tough Guy Mountain     +     Aliya Pabani & Onyeka Igwe
Louise Reimer     +     Polina Teif     +     Joële Walinga & Dylin North     +     David Woodward​

2016  //  PRECARITY

Maya Ben David     +     Samantha Burns     +     Emma Carney     +     Adrienne Crossman     +     Brett Despotovich     +     Sanjit Dhillon
Sol Legault
     +     Rachel Lott     +     Lindsey Luckevich     +     Maddy Mathews & Cotey Pope     +     Alison Postma
Jonathan Rotsztain
     +     Amy Siegel     +     Luke Siemens     +     Robbie Sinclair     +     Lisa Smolkin     +     Maximilian Suillerot
Richard Williams

2017  //  CARE

Maddie Alexander     +     Julia Dickens     +     Hannah Epstein     +     Emily Harrison     +     Emerson Maxwell     +     Emily Moriarty

Sophia Oppel     +     Cadence Planthara     +     Wei Qi     +     Sam Roberts     +     Lauren Runions    +     Blair Swann     +     Polina Teif

Zhizi Wang     +     Xuan Ye


Saba Akhtar     +     Ella Bot     +     Andrew Hoekstra     +     Enna Kim     +     Jessy Kitchen     +     Katie Kotler     +     Steven Lourenço

Alvin Luong     +     Catherine P.     +     Colin Rosati     +     Ronald Siu     +     Josi Smit     +     Maximilian Suillerot     +     Amanda Warner

Becca Wijshijer     +     Kendra Yee     +     Writers >   Sophia Oppel     /     Sam Roberts     /     Laura Demers     /     Despoina Peichamperi



Hudson Christie     +     Michelle Cieloszczyk     +     Kaythi     +     James Knott     +     Hailey Kobrin     +     Eija Loponen-Stephenson

Aaron Moore     +     Angus Tarnawsky     +     Atleigh Homma & Katrina Takeda     +     Quinn Buckler     +     Ronnie Clarke

Marisa Gallemit     +     Robin Love     +     Nikole McGregor & Carlos McGregor     +     Alicia McKenzie     +     Noah Page

Sebastian Benitez & Alejandra Paton     +     Writers >   Angel Callander     /     Dallas Fellini



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Roundtable is a small, non-profit, community organization. As such, we have an extremely limited budget, and are able to operate only through the generosity of The Dragon Academy which donates their space to us each summer, and through the incredible volunteer efforts of our Board, Facilitators and other allies in the community. In previous years we have also been able to rely on donations made to Roundtable at our annual Closing Reception, but unfortunately this year our Reception will have to be held entirely online. We therefore will not have access to the in-person donations made by our amazing guests

To help counteract this we have decided to create an account with Kofi, in order to allow for small, one-time donations to be made to help us keep Roundtable up and running. While donations are in no way expected of anyone who wishes to view the work of our talented Residents, or any of our other programming, any small amount which you are able to spare would be greatly appreciated.

Our Kofi page can be found here, and please feel free to Contact us if you have any questions or concerns (such as further information about how donations are utilized) or if you would like to help support Roundtable in some other way. Thank you <3